Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lianna and Korrali come to visit

We went to the arboretum when they came and had a lovely time. Big Sis has a membership and we ended up all getting in free!

Ellie fed Jace

They hopped around the sun dial

The maze was explored and the javelina hugged and ridden.

The rainbow garden was appreciated even if the little fences were not.

The fountain was splashed in until they were soaked.

Some Cacti were hugged, thankfully a breed without the spines. It might actually be a succulent.

The Australian trail and thinking circle were walked.

Lianna proved she can rock a selfie better than anyone.

M saw this sculpture and went, "Oh no!" and preceded to try and lift it. I wish you could hear the grunting noises and he used all the effort he had.

We are so glad they came and my kids have made a life-long friend in their second cousin :)


jeanene c said...

What a fun outing. We sure love our cousins!!!

Lianna said...

yay! Do you still also have the one of the three cousins holding hands too? I'm stealing all of these.. by the way.. =D That was soo much fun!


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