Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dinosaur Egg

J has been on a dinosaur playing kick lately. I fully support this change from the "Pretend I was a baby and my parents had died and someone left me in a box with nothing but my name" story line. He favorite part is being wrapped up in the blanket "egg" and hatching. I love this game because I can surf the internet and just make the appropriate noises, throw in an occasional squawk and T-rex hands, and keep her happily entertained.


Todd said...

So, I'm going to say that pretty much everyone that knows me for more than 5 minutes knows that I love little kids. But I think, if pressed as to what childlike trait I love the most, I must say that it is the inventiveness of their imaginations. Dinosaur egg blanket? That, my friends, is absolute genius! Love you and your little ones!

Lianna said...

Nice! I like that even better than the Baby Unicorn pretend! She really is creative =)

jeanene c said...

I'm with Todd on this one! We always wondered what she was thinking before she could talk. Now we just have to keep up!


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