Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All the random things

Now that my parents are home, I'm feeling less and less inclination to blog. When my cousin Lianna came to visit this last week (and you better believe there will be pictures to share when I get around to it) we talked how the blogs still keep us connected to each other more than any phone calls could. So I'm going to keep doing it for at least a little bit. Where else could I share pictures of these happy jam drips?

Or the crepe paper mask J made all by herself (with my help on the eye holes, but the 4 colors of paper and all the tape work was done in her room, unsupervised by me).

Well I suppose I could post them on facebook, like I did of this picture of M after watching his first movie in a theater. The kid LOVED Big Hero 6 and pointed out every train in the entire movie. And narrated things like, "Sad!" and "Oh No!" at appropriate times. He even made shooting noises during battle scenes.

I need to save these pictures somewhere, because Amy and Sharmin's blue stairs photo probably won't make the scrapbook, but I need it to remember that one time I ate way too many crab legs and went dancing like a single gal. Without posting, I might forget that clubs in movies do not accurately depict the dancing skills of the drunk masses. But I did see a guy straight up motorboat a girls boobs so apparently that does happen.

I need these pictures on a blog so I can search them. That way I can remember that Big Sis owes me a favor from March 2015 when I assembled this wolf she crocheted for a student (if he passed the class, she'd make him this wolf. He pulled it off)

And these pictures have to shared to represent our typical post Target ritual.

I guess I'll keep blogging for at least a little while longer :)


Elena said...

You must keep blogging if only for me! I need pictures of your cute kids in my life. I'll be better about posting too.

jeanene c said...

Please, Please, Please keep blogging!!! Pretty please? I just don't have enough photos of my babies without your blogs, and I don't want to miss any of their every day life, which I miss no matter how much I try not to. I shouldn't be surprised but life is just as busy here as it was in the field and I just don't get to spend as much time with the babies as I should. I came across the mask you made on your own when you were about her age...Like Mother like daughter!

Katie said...

I love your blog too! And you, and your cute kids:)

Erin said...

I'm sad how many people have stopped blogging. I LOVE blogs so much more than any other social media but they take more effort on both ends. No "like" button etc. I'm so happy with I look through blogs. I love that they tell little stories with pictures on all kind of topics.

Lianna said...

Yes, please! Even if you just post pics with captions... =D It simultaneously makes me miss you less and more..


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