Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vertuccio Farms 2014

This marks the 3rd year we've gone to this fall festival and I'm feeling old. Now my little girl actually understands how to milk the fake cow.

My son, not so much.

When we went around the corner and saw the barrel train ride, M immediately pointed his finger at it, then grunted resolutely, "Uuhh." He got his point across. I really wish he'd learn to talk faster. Grunting only gets us so far.

He did not like the idea of getting out.

Of course the chicks were, "So cute!" She might change her mind when she gets pecked.

Our friends Rachel C and Diane G with their respective children met up with us there.

M found his way to the top, even after I doubted him.

He was quite pleased, his "uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh" was mostly to enjoy the vibration effect of the jumping.

J went down this tube slide like a champ, but wanted me to go with her on the top one. Of course I had M so we all piled in and then J got a giant rug burn where her skirt rode up. She tried to stop herself and wedged her foot under us and I thought she was going to get a broken leg, but the only casualty was her little bum skin. She had fun showing it to people for the next week, despite my protests to keep her modesty. Three year olds :)

All the kids jumped on the teeter totter at once.

M doesn't like standing still to be measured.

J did better

Of course once Jake joined her, she tried to push him away.

M repeatedly grunted to go play with the duck races. Shade in the 95 degrees felt nice and he has an obsession with water.

This is J's ballet friend Taylor.

Jake loved on his pumpkin.

M went around righting all the fallen pumpkins in the patch.

Some fun/weird orange editing effects.

Tay knows how to pose.

J only looks at the camera when I ask her where my nose is.

And all the moms just about died when we saw them doing this.

These goats ate all the quarters I had. Well the feed it bought, but I hear goats will chew on cans so maybe they would have liked the quarters.

Bringing friends along mean pictures with me in them!

More grunting, more visits to the duck races.

I love these sweet kids of mine and I'm sad for the day when school steals them from me. I know it will be all too soon!


Lindsey Layton said...

That looks so fun! I really love fall in Arizona. I'm loving J's hair--the curls are so fun! I can relate to M's desire for all the pumpkins to stand upright. :)

jeanene c said...

What a grand time! Both of them are getting so big!

Katie said...

What a great day!


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