Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The occasional perfect morning

A friend of mine has a daughter in East Valley Children's Theater and they perform plays at the library. They give all the kids a free book so try to go. I invited some friends just in case I had to take M out for being disruptive, but he was actual interested in the actors and watched! It was miraculous.

This isn't even the girl I know but J was happy to take a picture with the Puppetmaster.

We headed to Lee's sandwiches because it was just up the road and I love the weird, yet delicious meats. They are seriously fantastic and very authentic Asian sandwiches. They bake the bread in house.

They make great euro-sandwiches as well. The kids calmly ate a half each. While sitting sweetly in their chairs. It was surreal. So naturally used the moment to take pictures of our food.

 And my sweetlings as well.

I love their smoothies. I ordered the jackfruit and got the kids soursop because I figure I should order fruits I didn't know existed. You can get boba and grass jelly in them so they have the giant straws. I think that made M enjoy it more.


jeanene c said...

Of course they were perfect! They are practicing for our arrival! ;)

Merkley Jiating said...

I love all of your outings. And I would like some of that sandwich, please.


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