Monday, November 3, 2014

Frozen Costumes

Our church halloween party we all dressed as frozen characters. This whole get up is courtesy of Cheryl the Great. I'm too cheap to buy a wig, but she loved having Elsa hair.

How does one make an Olaf costume for 95 degree heat and toddler attention spans? A little makeup, your sister's white shirt with felt Elmer's glued on, and the bloomer things from his blessing suit.

 My aunt Chris was a champ and helped me make an Anna costume. I was just going to buy one, but couldn't find anything but an inappropriate adult one. So a cheap black shirt and a graduation robe was sacrificed. I did splurge for $3 hair extensions so maybe J has a hereditary source for her wig love. Selfies with two kids are kid of hard to take. Oh and J wanted some Elsa gloves and the pink dance accessory worked.

Husband was setting up for said church party so I had no one to take my picture. I think J did a fine job.

Husband didn't have time to run home to change into his brown shirt, but we brought his Sven antlers. M soaked his shirt and dissolved my Elmer's glue ahead of schedule and I forgot to take my sunglasses off, but I still love my little Frozen family!


Mom said...

This is Aunt B and I just have to say how darling your little Frozen family is! Thanks so much for letting me keep you up so late for a visit the other night. I absolutely adore you and you are the funnest mom ever! Thanks for always making your blog so great to read. Have a wonderful day!!

jeanene c said...

I am so excited to see Frozen with my grandkids! Your costumes are darling too!!! I love the photos so much! You capture such wonderful expressions. I really feel their personalities! Thanks for your comment too. Glad you got the hugs!


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