Friday, November 7, 2014

Aunt Mona's Halloween Party

Guys, I'm actually starting to learn the names of these members of my extended family. This is an achievement I assure you. J had been looking through the photobooks and jumped up and down when I told her we were going to Aunt Mona's party. Then she asked if we were going to decorate trees (the sugar cone and frosting kind from the Christmas party). She was still excited even though the answer was no.

M had a fever so it was just the two of us and the Elsa dress was too itchy for the moment. That meant my little flamenco dancer came in her dancing shoes.

She was quite excited to draw her pumpkin.

A picture of the witches (I bailed on my Anna costume since I had no Elsa to join me. And I had been dealing with a feverish nonverbal one year old all day).

J made a friend named Sophie, but I have no idea her relation to us.

 Mona knows her way around a tablescape. The stuffed kitty in the upper left has been played with every day since it came home as her prize.

A few days ago J insisted I take a picture of it, "Will you take a picture of me and the kitty. Now one of just the kitty."

We sure love Aunt Mona and her parties!


jeanene c said...

Lucky Aunt Mona! So glad you go and visit your Dad's family too!

jeanene c said...
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