Monday, November 10, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

We had the chance to tour this temple twice with old high school friends of Husband. I was nervous to invite them but everyone we invited was excited to go. The second time we brought the kids along because we wanted our whole family together in the temple. M made it about half way before melting down completely, and since I had already seen it all once, I had no problem stepping out. J said her favorite room was the one where people got married :) 

M thought the Christus statue was fascinating.

I love being so close to such amazing buildings and know I am so lucky to have my family forever! Temples allow miracles to happen and I'm happy we could share something so special to us with our friends.


jeanene c said...

What a blessing and joy. Can't wait to go with you. I love the family photos!

Katie said...

I keep waiting for an open house near us so we can have that wonderful experience. It may be a long wait...


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