Monday, April 8, 2013

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

My friend Kristine runs a fantastic Easter egg hunt at the little community park nearby. She has it down into an organized art. Everyone who wants to participate brings a dozen filled eggs per child. When you arrive, you put your bag of filled eggs on the folding tables in the correct taped off section. They are labeled with rough age groups like 3 and under, 4-6 years old, etc. She also has a bunch of side walk chalk and a "guess how many candies in the jar" thing going on while people are amassing. Then five minutes before go time, several adults go hide the eggs while the other adults shepherd the kids into age groups on the grass. The 3 and under eggs are all hidden close and easily, while the older groups get more difficult locations. Then the kids are released by age group to go get eggs. Each kid collects 12 eggs.

Seriously, the most well thought out, casual event ever. It accommodates LOTS of kids or very few with about the same amount of work and there is no unaccounted for eggs or cost to the organizer. I like how we can just invite anyone and not have to plan ahead or RSVP or anything complicated like that. Although I need to get J a basket because I never have one on hand. She loves her purse though.

As I'm typing this with her on my lap, she is pointing at the pictures and saying, "J pick egg!"

I'm still impressed she collected her 12 before digging into the candy.


Katie said...

What a great idea--so easy and fun!

Elena said...

That's genius! I'll have to keep that in mind some day, you know for when I'm a gown up and stuff :)

jeanene c said...

I love that. We may have to intorduce Spain to easter egg hunts next year. you sure have a cute easter egg gatherer, and the purse is perfect!


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