Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A few weeks ago Husband surprised me with a bit of a staycation. We stayed a night at the Montelucia Resort and had a lovely time while J stayed at her Auntie Marcie's house.

People, we need to do this more often. I can never justify the expense in my head. I always figure it would be better to save the moola and go somewhere cool later. Why pay to stay in a hotel in town?

Because it is awesome and you still feel like you are on vacation since your to-do list is inaccessible. There is also something awesome about spending that many consecutive hours with your spouse doing everything together. At home we tend to migrate to our individual activities.

Plus, we ate at restaurants we've been wanting to try but always seemed too far away when you are tired on a Friday night. We ate at Le Grand Orange and Delux. I highly recommend Le Grand Orange, they gave me a cookie free since they were out of the dessert I wanted (I was pretending I wasn't diabetic for an evening).  My loyalty is easily bought with free baked goods. Delux was a bit expensive for a burger. Of course they tell you what sustainable ranch the beef comes from and mix it with gruyere, but it still tasted like a burger. The fries came in mini metal shopping carts though and the decor was awesome. Especially the bathroom. Bathrooms really affect my ambiance rating of restaurants.

We decided to get room service for breakfast because we had an early appointment for massages. Eggs Benedict and French Toast. And $8 hot chocolate because we wanted to see what $8 hot chocolate tasted like.

Overpriced. That's what it tasted like. The metal carafe was pretty though and it was nice to have something to drink as we lounged on the patio. A glass of water just isn't the same when you are pretending to be rich people.

Speaking of pretending to be rich, let's just talk about how fabulous prenatal massages are. Fastest 50 minutes ever. Seriously folks, this spa was crazy awesome. As in "release your energy into our giant quartz stone" kind of awesome. Of course I couldn't hang out in the sauna, hot tub or steam room, I passed on the cold water deluge, but the aroma therapy relaxation room was fair game, as well as the private pool on the balcony with this fantastic view.


Elena said...

Aaron and I did that with a Sedona vacation and it was amazing! I'm glad you had such a good time. Pretending to be rich is fun :)

jeanene c said...

I loved when we did that. So glad you get to have these times.

Matt S. said...

The tramp stamps on the girls in the bottom picture are pretty much the second best part of this post.


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