Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crochet bows

I received an adorable baby gift from a friend in the coolest packaging. She had a onesie and pacifier clip in coordinating colors and packed it in a plastic to-go food container with a cute tag.

I decided to do the only ecofriendly thing possible and completely steal the idea and recycle the container for the next baby shower I was attending.

I told my friend to go on pinterest or google and find something crocheted she liked for me to make her. She was too boring and said she'd just like a white hat. No monkey or bear or owl, just a plain white hat.

I obliged but I decided to make a bunch of bow clips to jazz it up along with a orange polka dot onesie to give it some more color.

I think I need to head to Costco for more of the versatile packages.


jeanene c said...

What fun. I might have to try something like that.

Katie said...

I think I need to have another baby just so you get me a cute gift like this. Probably not the best reason to have a baby, you say? I don't know...did you see how cute that is?!

Merkley Jiating said...

Super adorable! Now show me that adorable baby!


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