Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A few pictures with me actually in them

My cousin Josh got hitched to a lovely girl named Brooke. Aren't they cute?

I didn't even bring my camera, but my lovely Uncle James did and he snapped all of these photos. I figured I'd post them for my dear old mum and any out of town family to see.

This is my Uncle Jeff (whom my daughter adores and asks for constantly) and my grandpa. Poor Grandpa is suffering through three broken ribs and still made it out. Normally he has quite the smile.

J had fun running around her with her cousin Lyla  (1st cousin once removed, if we want to be technical, but they sure do look alike).

Lately J has been channeling her inner Anne of Green Gables and enjoys walking along precariously narrow paths, such as retaining walls. I joined her one day in the backyard ("Keep walking, Mommy, keep walking!") and I did a fancy, arm-swinging dismount which J deemed necessary to copy at every chance. This picture makes her look a bit like a flying monkey with invisible wings, but you can imagine it.

You can also see a nice profile of my 38 week stomach. I'm pretty sure my boobs and belly enter a room 5 minutes before the rest of me gets there.

They were having a blast together though. I mean, check out this face!

And can I just give a little love to Lightroom? I'm always amazed how editing helps counteract our AZ sunshine. Here is the before picture.


And since I had my husband with me, my daughter actually wearing clothes, and a willing photographer, I asked James if he'd snap some family photos of us at the luncheon. He was kind enough to oblige and now you can see what  our 3.5 member family looks like before it becomes 4.

If only I had bothered to look in a mirror and fix my bangs before. Thankfully, this little one always steals the shot anyways.

Why yes, astute observer! She is wearing a different dress than earlier. I anticipated the first accident.and brought another dress. Too bad I didn't catch the 2nd one in time either. Is one obligated to clean up pee on the sidewalk? If so, how?


jeanene c said...

What a beautiful family! I am not prejudiced! Anyone would agree with me. Thank you for posting photos of the wedding too. I think they will make such a cute couple. And no you don't clean up the sidewalk, at least in the US.

Marilyn said...

These family photos look great! I bet you're really anticipating your baby coming. I hope the last stretch of your pregnancy isn't too uncomfortable and hot!

Elena said...

Thanks for sharing the photos since I have no other way of seeing them. And the heat will make the pee evaporate in no time :)

Katie said...

I love these pictures! I didn't even recognize Uncle Jeff! I haven't seen him in 6 years, but still. I love the soon to be outdated pics of your family. So cute.


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