Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Basket

Easter in our family meant waking up to your basket on the table, full of candy and some cheap toys, with a new dress and coordinating hat on your chair. This is the clan when I was 3, back when I had a true bonnet (my kid does look like me sometimes).

And here is the group three years later

For several years, my mom even took our bears and gave them a make over. I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was even purple, my FAVORITE color. With pierced earrings too.

I had upgraded to a hat this year and Lil' Sis inherited the bonnet.

Then I notice my older sister's bear was one of mine, pilfered from my collection during the night.

I was upset in a way only a middle child could understand. 

My poor mother. She promised to get me a new one to replace it but I was not consoled. I'm sure she thought I wouldn't notice the absence of one white bear (I think I had 5 white bears in my collection of 100 stuffed animals) and was trying to make sure my sister didn't feel left out even though she was older. Add that to the work of trimming hats and filling baskets the night before and trying to get everyone ready and out the door for church, it was probably not her favorite holiday.

I'm sure I was such a easy child to raise. I appreciate my mother so much more as an adult. (P.S. Mom, that is only one stained memory among many a fabulous Easter. My ridiculous memory should not make you feel guilty.)

I wasn't on the ball enough to dress up a bear for J, but I found an Easter hat at Target for a $1 and couldn't resist.

Check out the bed head

I love the sleepy, happy expression.

 The chocolate bunny caught her eye first.

And since my lovely parents don't get to hear her sweet little voice enough, here is the video of her discovery. It will probably bore the rest of you folks, but you are welcome to waste 5 minutes if you like.


Elena said...

That made my day. I can't wait to spend a whole month with her! Oh and you too sister :)

jeanene c said...

We love the videos. I can't believe how tall she has gotten. She can see into the drawer. So big. I love that she recognized and remembers us. Thank you for posting the videos. love you so very much.

jeanene c said...

PS I loved seeing the old photos of my babies. It seems such a short time ago. I remember how upset you were about that bear. I am sorry it bothered you but I needed the symmetry and hadn't planned ahead. I have made my peace with the fact that we all remember things cause they were unusual and take comfort in that when I occasionally blew it.

My name is Em. said...

Oh my goodness!!! I never realized how much J really does look like you. That first picture really does show it!

Katie said...

I remember those kids!

Todd said...

You are a wonderful mom, sister. Good job. And I would add an addendum to Grammy's post. We remember things because they were unusual, or we remember most things because we are unusual. I have perfectly clear recall on both pictures, including Orville Bear, and the full contents of my easter basket (ok, not exactly all the candies....I'm not THAT unusual, but definitely all the toys). It is funny to me how much of my memories relate to tactile things. For example, I can remember how the edge of my Easter basket felt, as well as the bears and the toys....weird...

Natalie said...

I bought a $1 hat from Target too. Adrienne absolutely loves hats right now and it was a big hit.


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