Friday, April 12, 2013

Conference breakfast

 My husband pointed out that we will only have three conference breakfasts without my parents. Time goes by fast when you think of it that way. I thought I'd post some pictures of it for them all the same.

Uncle Eric is at the bottom of this pile on.

As I'm typing this with J on my lap, J says, "Kensee hold Benjee." I should just post one, but the outtakes make me laugh.


jeanene c said...

Oh Thank you so much for posting all of these photos. We love you all so much and almost feel like we are there when we see the photos. I can nearly hear the kids squeal in the dog pile on Eric. Kenzie looks so proud of herself and Ben looks a bit anxious. I love it! Thank you for being the historian. It tickles Dad that you are continuing the traditions that he loves. We love you all!

Alicia W said...

I didn't even know Kenz held Ben. Ha ha. Mother of the year.


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