Friday, March 16, 2012


I found airfare to Las Vegas for $40, roundtrip, out the door, including taxes from Mesa's little airport so I thought it was time for J to meet the great grandmother we named her for. Husband had zero desire to go to Vegas, but Madre Dos was totally up for it! I should note that Spirit airlines charges $25 for a carry-on. Since we were only staying one night, I just crammed everything into the diaper bag and saved the moola.

I also found a deal to stay at Bally's for $56 a night. (It is right next to the Paris and across from the Bellagio. I had never heard of it before. I just kept thinking about Bally's Total Fitness commercials from the 90's with all the close ups of really sweaty people exercising.)

Since the hotel offer included two buffet vouchers too, we got a smokin' deal. The vouchers were good at the Paris, Rio, or Planet Hollywood buffets.

 The buffet at the Paris was $30 a person on it's own. It was delicious though, filled with all kinds of French food. I had crab legs, prime rib, duck l'orange, crepes, tri-tip, roasted lamb, pesto, stewed mussels, creme brulee, black forest cake, apple tart, fudge brownies, fresh bread, sushi, and more I can't even remember. I would have taken pictures of the gluttony but J is sort of a ticking time bomb in a restaurant. Not sure if I would have done it without the voucher though. Variety is awesome, but I think I'd rather just go out to a nice dinner and have a bite from everyone's dish.

 We didn't have time to do much, but the Bellagio fountain was definitely a highlight.


J spent most of it looking like this.

The world's largest chocolate fountain has mesmerized her

This is the picture we were went for though.


Katie said...

I was wondering about the trip to Vegas. So nice that you got to go and get the four generation picture!

jeanene c said...

So fun. I love the photos.


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