Thursday, March 29, 2012

More wedding!

Ugg, the wedding was so last month. We need to get with times here at Hazardous Undertakings. Well I spent all of March traveling it seems so I'm a little backed up on pictures. We've got pictures from exotic locals such as Tubac and Seattle all queued up. (I remember reading the word queue in a guide book for Japan when I was 16 and thinking it was a british word or a misspelling.)

Anyways, my sister in law just sent the pics from the wedding photographer so I thought I'd show you all what the reception looked like. You can contact her photography here.

The tiny flowers I made in action

Ignore the condensation caused by 90 degree weather in February

They had a friend who let them use their home in the Biltmore Estates. Gorgeous!

I made this sign as their wedding gift and for the serving table

This was next to the sign in table as you walked in

It's too bad they didn't get the whole "sign on a leaf" thing, despite examples. Ah well

This is a the little corridor you walk down to enter the back yard. I'm in love with the vines growing around the pillars

They even had a friend who plays harp

They live on a golf course so their yard looks like it goes forever


jeanene c said...

Some of the views make me think of Versailles. You do such beautiful work.

ACW said...

Gorgeous venue. We could live there and pay people to keep it up and defy the status quo. And the word queue still intimidates me.

Jackijo said...

It certainly turned out to be a great success! Thank you for all the wonderful creativity you put into it.


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