Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cake Stands

At the wedding, they were serving some phenomenal little lemon cupcakes. I thought they would look fantastic on several cake stands. I had seen tutorials for candle stick and plate cake stands all over the internet for awhile now and had been picking up candlesticks at garage sales here and there (*tip* never spend more than 50 cents on a candlestick at a garage sale). I think the clear glass looks more elegant than the spray painted versions and was more versatile. To each there own right? Here is how I did it.

First, make sure your candle stick is nice and clean and wax free.

Then find the perfect glass plate. This actually took awhile. Walmart's plates were $3 a piece and didn't have the matching salad size I wanted. The first set I found I ended up returning because the rim had a smoke look the rim that looked terrible with the crystal. The 99 cent store (not dollar tree) had some with a slightly blue tone to the rim I liked the best. Of course 2 weeks after the wedding I found 3 perfect plates at Goodwill. Go figure.

I used this glue made for glass from JoAnn's

I added a rim to the candlestick and put the plate on. The glue instructions said to put a small bit of blue on each piece and let it dry for a minute before attaching them.

I put the plate on and took it off for a minute. *tip* center the plate and use dry erase marker on the top of the plate so you don't have dots you can't remove.

Then I stacked textbooks on them while they cured for 24 hours.

It may have been the packing or the heat, but the glue didn't stay on several of the cake stands. They still worked for the cupcakes, but I'm going to try a different adhesive next time and let you know how it goes.

Hopefully the photographer snapped a few pictures of them in action. You all will have to suffer through even more pictures once I get a hold of them.

Update: I repaired a few using Loctite Glass glue and it has held up really well so far. Supposedly you can put it through the dishwasher, but I'm skeptical. The original glue is still working well of a few so maybe the curing time needed to be longer than the 48hrs the first generation had.

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