Friday, March 30, 2012


The last wedding post. Promise.

I spent $25 of a dress for J. This far exceeds my limit on children's clothing. I'm such a miser, I rarely will spend more than $20 on a dress for myself. Yet when I found this dress, the perfect color, the right amount of formality, and the adorable amount of tulle, I knew it would be worth it just for the pictures.

She has a small obsession with watching water come out of spouts. Fridge, faucet, hose- all are magical.

She LOVES to dance. Techno is her current favorite.

She has also inherited her father's fascination with speakers

See that hair! I'm perfectly fine waiting if it comes out as red as it is starting to look

Her cousin Ty had the real moves though


ACW said...

She is such a beautiful girl! I love her.

Jana said...

My boys like techno too, they should hang out!


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