Friday, March 2, 2012

Marriage, Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today

Hi friends! We're back to the blogosphere! My dear sister in law Julie got hitched and since I love me a good wedding I was up to my eyeballs in projects. So this week I get to show you some of the fruits of this labor of love.  Back before I was a mom, before I was a teacher, before I was an athletic trainer, I was a wedding coordinator.  I started out washing the dishes and worked my through catering server through centerpiece design and set up, to hosting tours of the facility and even doing the wedding rehearsals. It was good times.

First we have the invitation. Julie showed me an example of what she wanted and I recreated it here.

 My very talented sis in law Jessica took the engagement pictures. She also designed the gorgeous back of the invite.

My go to place for printing is For a 5x7 postcard like this, it was about $200 for 1000 of them with envelopes. The colors are always the same calibration as my computer and I've been happy with the quality. Do be warned though, the estimated shipping time is pretty accurate. I always hope I'll get faster deliver than what I pay for, but it never happens. The shipping is pretty expensive unless you have a 2 week lead time so plan ahead.

We also found a guestbook alternative on etsy that she liked where guests sign the leaves. I recreated that too and thought it turned out well. Although the guest didn't get the whole "name on a leaf" thing and just wrote messages all over it. All well. It was still a fun idea.

 If someone you know would like this with their names, let me know and I'll sub their names and date in and send you the file. 


Erin said...

What a nice sister-in-law! You are so good at this stuff- they are lucky to have you! I saw the whole leaf idea- I can see guests- especially at a mormon wedding being confused by that. I had a hard enough time getting people to write on scrapbook pages! Julie looks super familiar- was she at NAU too? Where did you work at as a wedding coordinator? I always thought it would be a fun job but kind of stressful at the end- I like the planning stage but the execution can be tricky- or course I've only done my own "events" it might be easier when you're not the guest of honor or hostess! But then again you're trying to figure out what someone else wants! Are you going to post any wedding/reception pictures?

Julianne said...

I am so happy how the invitations turned out. You can tell Erin that I remember her from NAU.


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