Wednesday, March 7, 2012


After checking out some wedding cake prices, we just about died. $4/serving? Seriously people. I asked my mom if she knew anyone who did it anymore and she said she'd decorate the fake cake for $100. So nice of her. I gave her some of the flowers and ribbon left over from the bouquets, along with some pictures of what Julie wanted and I thought it turned out beautiful!

 The glass votive holders were a gift from my wedding and the green fabric is actually a scarf I borrowed from my sister. Green votives were a dollar a piece so I bought cheap white ones and wrapped them with green stripped tissue paper. My sister mocked me for that extra bit of work, but I just can't help it. I like things to be perfect.

In case you wondered how the whole fake cake thing works, the top is real and that is what you cut into. Then the guests are served a dessert cake. I also made all the dessert cakes using a recipe from a friend who used to do wedding cakes. Cake for 200 people was about $80 in baking supplies if you are considering making them yourself versus Costco. It was a strawberry and pudding filled cake so I think it is better tasting than Costco, but you have to weigh your cost vs effort ratio. Out of all the things I took on, this one stressed me the most because I couldn't test each cake before the big day. Finding the freezer space also took some maneuvering. And since we had mini cupcakes as well, we only used 4 of the 8 cakes, even though about 300 people came. Things to think about if you find yourself with a wedding or event in your near future. And I am now the steward of both a round and square fake cakes if you would every like to borrow them.

P.S. Please ignore the terrible lighting in the pictures. 


Erin said...

Lesson I've learned- people hardly ever eat the cake. Seriously= there is almost always a ton left over. It looks great! I've done 2 wedding cakes and it can be pretty stressful.

Elena said...

Our mom is awesome, I want to be as cool as her some day. So how long will you and John be eating cake? :)

Julianne said...

Your mom is awesome. The cake turned out better than I imagined. Love it! And the strawberry filling in the real cake was delicious.

Jackijo said...

Those cakes were delicious and they went to good use! We used them for a birthday party and I gave out pieces to friends who were helping and didn't have time to eat. So thank you for all your hard work!

ACW said...

Nice to know that my scarf came in handy. Everything looked great!


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