Tuesday, January 10, 2012

J--mas Day 2011

Husband's bday is the 26th. My sis in law officially declared it J--mas Day a few years ago and since then we decorate the traditional J--mas Day tree. In previous years it just meant the tree wore a conical hat. The hat has not yet been demolished so the tree donned it once more.

This year I was able to flip the tree skirt my madre made us. (yes, I know I used the official name in that post, but I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this has figured out everyone's names. I'm just trying to keep googling down to a minimum in case J's junior high nemesis wants to use it against her. Probably a futile effort, but I still try).

And since the silhouette started rocking my world, I added the traditional J--mas Day ornaments. (and the bow on the present above was made with the silhouette too)

We finished the day with traditional J--mas Day festivities.


Jutin said...

What's the comic?

Merkley Jiating said...

You probably already saw that the antilop high chair was recalled. I just know you have the same one so I thought I'd let you know. You can call ikea and get new straps if you're worried.

Elena said...

It was a great J-mas day celebration :)


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