Monday, January 2, 2012

The resolution post, 2012 style

Yep, I'm going ot post them. Because looking up resolutions I wrote in a journal is WAY more work than just googling them.

I had to see how I did with last year's resolutions:

Oh wait, I didn't make any.

I read through some old blog posts and journal entries looking for some. I was graced with a lovely reminder on how much I hated life last January. And that I used to be much more interesting. I reread J's birth story and a few more things and laughed and laughed. Then I cried. I am having so much fun with J these days, I've forgotten how awful it was. My new years resolution was to survive.

Hooray! 100% success!

 Good to know I've accomplished something this year.

I also found 2010's resolutions and found a couple are still on the list. But 2012 is the year people! It's going to be big. Here's what we're going to do:

1) Reupholstery that gosh darn couch. You know, the one my BFF Suz rescued from a curb in flagstaff and gave me. The one piece of furniture I moved from that tiny apartment into our new house. The one I bought fabric for forever ago. The one I was going to finish before J started crawling so she wouldn't eat the staples. That one. We're going head to head this year. Mano y mano. Well maybe arm to arm. HA! Because couches have arms, not hands! Hilarious I am, I know. Although rereading those old posts and entries circa 2010 has shown me I was way more entertaining. But for now we will survive with poor puns and really long explanation for goals you really don't care about.

2) Finish the newberry award winners. I made that goal when I was 14. 11 years later I am down to 4 books. 4! Two are no longer part of the Mesa library system. I just can't push through the dumb anthologies favored in the 1930's. But if I could finish Shen of the Sea, I can make it through Tales From Silver Lands.

3) Sell the rest of the furniture in my garage. Anyone looking for some reasonably priced tables or chairs?

4) Plant some flowers, some cyprus trees, and make the gazebo happen. I've got some great backyard pics for ya this week to show some excellent progress on what I call Phase 4 of the backyard. No one will be stealing my dog this year!

5) Run a marathon. I don't really count this though since it was a goal I started in November. And the race is at the end of January so really, this is just to make me feel good by being able to mark something off early in the year. You better believe there will be a post after describing how I became involved in this lunacy.

6) Paint the big canvas in my living room. It was just waiting on a family photo.

7) Make a linoleum block print. Another medium I've always wanted to try.

8) Go on 10 new hikes and at least one camping trip. Training for Havasupi made me get out on the trail more and I want to keep that up. Thankfully I have two sets of parents into hiking and they figure out new trails so I don't have to do any work.

9) Visit a new museum. I've got my eyes peeled for the Children's Museum of Phoenix culture pass. Maybe I should dream big and try and hit every culture pass site...

10) Write in my real journal at least once a month. Sorry folks, this isn't the real journal. This does keep the guilt from piling up, but my bloggity blog is highly edited. I was reading my personal one and found I was awesome in 2010. I had made an effort to write a few lines before I allowed myself to log into facebook. Totally forgot about that strategy. Time to try it again.

Funny, I wrote all of these in the journal one first but just bolded them in paragraphs. I didn't intentionally make ten. I guess my subconscious know how to choose nice round numbers. And I do have some character building ones too, but I haven't figured out how to measure those out yet so I didn't include them.

So folks, what are your goals for the year?


Marilyn said...

I might be interested in your table and chairs. We need an upgrade for our dining area. What do you have?

Jackijo said...

Since one of my goals is to hike once a week, perhaps we can get together on some of those hikes.

I can also help you with flowers. I do love nasturtiums (especially because they are not only beautiful but you can eat them, flowers and leaves!)

So glad you and J survived the first year.

Chelsie said...

Great post and fun goals! Good luck this year!


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