Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Johnmas Day

I have this awesome friend named Sara that just happened to marry my brother. I suppose I should clarify that I didn't actually know her before she started dating my brother. Because my sister Elena did just happen to marry my friend. A fact that I am proud of and will mention to everyone I know, probably until I die. Because match making is sorta awesome. But Sara,while we weren't original friends, I knew we would be friends as soon as she walked into my parents' house wearing a lime green peacoat.

I'm still trying to find a lime green peacoat. Orange and green are the only colors I'm missing.

But this post isn't about my obsession with coats that living in Mesa has made defunct. This is an overly long introduction to Johnmas Day. See Sara is exceptional at sending out birthday cards. Before birthdays have come and gone. I know, who does that? Well the Husband's bday happens to be the day after Christmas. One year Sara wrote him the funniest card asking how he was going to celebrate Johnmas Day and if we were going to don traditional Johnmas Day clothes and decorate the Johnmas Day tree and whatnot.

And thus Johnmas Day was born.

Now each year we decorate the Johnmas Day tree after Christmas.. It looks much like a Christmas tree, except for instead of the angel, the tree puts on the Johnmas Day Cap.

This cap is very similar to the turret from a previous Christmas's castle made of white elephant presents. However, it is most certainly a Johnmas Day decoration, even if it is residing on a globe in the living room.

My fantastic mother-in-law has joined in the Johnmas Day spirit and just delivered the most wonderful tree skirt of her own creation.

Christmas on top

Johnmas Day on the bottom

Happy Johnmas Day to all and to all a goodnight!

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ACW said...

I love Johnmas Day.


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