Thursday, January 5, 2012


There was a week or two at the beginning of December with slim posting. I do not apologize. I will show you what I was up to though: Phase 4 of Operation Awesome Yard.

My Big Sis, my papa, and I have this work exchange co-op thing where we swap labor for big projects. Big Sis got a whole bedroom set repainted (I"ll get some pics from her since they turned out AWESOME!) and I got pavers. Here are some befores.

Before we moved in

After phases 1-3 and prepped for phase 4.

 (Mind you, the dirt excavation for these 2 patio areas was done by yours truly and my sweet mother. Girl power and whatnot. Special thanks to a J for taking a week of awesome naps.)

There will be a fountain and pond in this corner after phase 6.

footings for the little wall

That's my father of Latin decent, not a "cousin" picked up on Broadway. I must admit we did make a few jokes.

Special thanks to my AMAZING family for the 10 hrs of work that Saturday, and my ridiculously awesome papa who took work off to help me finish it before J's bday, who was watched by my mother dear so I could work. It now looks like this:

We didn't have time to truly finish the edging since I want another course of block, but I wanted it to look good for the party so I put some edging on it

Don't worry, I changed the water right after the picture


Erin said...

For someone who claims to be wishy washy on what to do you've got some big plans! I love what you've done so far. I love pavers for driveways- so much classier than pavement. Landscaping is something that needs some badly in our mismatched yard- you're giving me a little motivation.

Lindsey Layton said...

Oooo! I just love it!


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