Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maidenname Annual Party

The Maidennames have always had a mexican food dinner the Sunday before Christmas. This year it was moved to J--mas Day. I think Husband should have considered it a giant birthday party on his behalf. I mean, it was at a park, had amazing food, and a pinata. Techinically TWO pinatas. One for the little kids,

Cheryl the Great even filled it with tickets that you could take to the "store" in the back of the truck to pick out a present. Like a princess phone

Or cowboy guns

Or baby dolls

Then the adults got their own pinata, which promptly lost it's head, but that didn't stop us

The park was a great idea. My pops even brought his self walking dog who carries her own leash

And there were lots of bouncy balls

And walls to look over

And good food and friends

And cousins to feed

And cousins who didn't want to be fed

Which just left more for J. (In a sippy cup that wasn't even hers...)

The best part though, was the swing. And somebody threw a fit when we took her out of it, despite having a neutral expression during the actually swinging

P.S. Sorry to those family members who didn't make it in a picture. I was more playing with my lens than trying to record the event. And that was in between chasing after my daughter. Just because I didn't post unflattering pictures you on the internet doesn't mean I don't love you. Promise.

1 comment:

Elena said...

I love the picture of my hubby :) And remember how when I took J out of the swing she cried and when I walked back toward it she would stop? That was awesome :)


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