Friday, September 23, 2011

Snoqualmie Falls

I would just like to say how awesome all the indian names around the area are. Or should I say Native American names. But my moccasin and turquoise wearing great aunts and uncles call themselves indians. (No seriously, I may be starkly pale, but my dad is enough Creek indian to have received money from it when he was younger. Well his parents received it on his behalf. Awesome eh?) So I'm going to say indian since it's easier to type.

I've decided touristy things are more fun with a baby because they are the ultimate prop for taking pictures

Apparently my dog Ada would not be able to make it up the ramp

Look! She smiled in one!
And pet a bear in the gift shop
Candy store and diner? Fabulous indeed.
Who wouldn't want to eat in front of a wall of taffy?

 So we went to this little park next to river and there was a group of boy about 50 ft away on bikes, probably around 13ish in age. They came over near us to jump in the river and we heard something like this.

kid 1: Dude, the water's cold!
kid 2: It's not that bad, I'm almost used to it. Come on kid 3!
kid 3: ok. *jumps off cliff thing into water* GAH! It's cold! My nuts!
kid 2: dude, there's people up there.
kid 3: oh. um sorry people!

kid 4: dude, it's F-ing freezing
kid 1: LANGUAGE!
kid 4: oops

*at this point I'm finished feeding J and we go to leave*

kid 1: Look! You're making them leave. I think you should apologize.
kid 4: Sorry!


birdfam said...

Steve & I ventured there on our last trip to Seattle. I loved it! We did that little 1/2 mile hike down that wasn't supposed to be that hard, but man oh man was I dying on the way back up!

jeanene c said...

I love when kids at least try to be polite. What a beautiful place. We will have to go there next time.

Marilyn said...

Seattle looks lovely! I think I might have to put it on our list of future family vacations.


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