Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday Steal: Furniture

My friend Camille has started up her Saturday Steals again and you all should go and participate. You don't even have to know her or read her blog. She'd love to have you.

My latest steals have been at the thrift store. I'm a little ashamed of how much yarn I bought there so I'mj going to show my latest money making venture: refinished furniture.

I've redone furniture for myself on a couple different occasions, but seeing all the beautiful things on various different blogs had me ready to try my hand making a little moola doing it. I've come to the conclusion I'd rather do it just for myself, family, and friends. I just don't like all the stuff sitting in my garage, taunting me every time I go run an errand. Anyways, here are my favorites.

I picked up this fabulous little desk at a garage sale for $20. It took a good bit of sanding to get the yucky old finish off, but now it it leads a happy life as a sewing table. Quite a steal.

These little pretties  received a fresh coat of black paint and some gorgeous contact paper I scored at the dollar store for $1/roll. I bought enough to do the back of a china cabinet so if Goodwill happens to have one in good shape, I may feel the furniture refinishing call again. I was able to sell the tables for 4 times what I bought them for. Which pretty much covered the cost of all the paint I bought for my various projects.

I haven't been able to sell this table yet, but my sister loved it so much that it is chilling out at her house. Any one want to make me an offer :) ?

Now I can't decide how I want to redo this table.

 All black? Distressed or not? White top black legs? Black top with bronze or silver legs? What would you spend on it if you found it on craigslist with a makeover?


jeanene c said...

So cute. I love all the things you do. I would go black top and bronze legs. Maybe.

Camille said...

I would keep the top wood but stain it dark dark brown.

Thanks so much for participating! You got the count up to EIGHT! So close.

Sorry I posted the recap too soon. I didn't figure I'd get any more participants. I won't let it happen again. At any rate, I updated and put yours at the top. : )

Thanks again!

Bree Flake said...

you are rockin the redo!!! love love love it!! where do you find your motivation and can i borrow some??


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