Tuesday, September 13, 2011

She Flies Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease.

Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about flying with my squirmy little babe. I was armed with a bag of brand new borrowed toys, benedryl (my doc's advice :)), tylenol for the endless tooth pain, and bottles for take-off. My fears of 2.5 hours of screaming were completely unfounded. She was her super smilely self and made the whole airplane fall in love with her. She didn't need any toys since she spent 20 minutes taking out Skymall and safety papers and watching us put them back in over and over.Then she fell asleep in my arms mid puff chewing. The flight back she had her own seat and slept the whole flight. Fabulous!

Our first Seattle adventure was courtesy of a Groupon Lil' Sis found for Trapeze lessons.

Possibly the coolest thing I've ever done in my life. The teachers only give you one practice on the ground and then you go up and do it. They said the most important thing is not to think or anticipate, just listen to their calls. I just kept repeating in my head, "Pssh, this is no big deal" until I believed it. It worked pretty well, but I was still shaking with adrenaline when I hit the ropes.

At the end of the class, I was able to do a catch trick!

It looks much cooler on the video.

 I've decided the key to trying anything new is pretending you're a professional. Whether it is painting or installing a sprinkler system or playing volleyball, pretending I do it all the time gets rid of the "Crap, am I doing this right?" feelings which make everything harder. And in this case, pretending I was in the circus made me subconsciously stand up straighter and point my toes. Try it people, you'll be amazed at the results.

Oh, and if you ever decide to try trapeze out, make sure and wear a tank top. I wore a tshirt to begin with and exposed everyone to my post baby belly glory during ground school before a quick wardrobe change significantly improved my experience.


Bree Flake said...

you are so awesome! and i am so lame for not having a blog post ready for you :( ill make it up to you someday i promise :)

Thorne Family said...

Wow that is amazing!!! It looks like so much fun!!!


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