Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Post: Big Sis

Hello readers!  While this may sound (and even look) like Geevz, it is her sister, ACW from over here.
I know it may sound weird, but, I don't mind posting pictures that are plain, weird, and unflattering.  I mean, I don't LOVE all the pictures that go up and some of them really do need to be taken down, but in general, I love a weird face, or smile, or slightly lazy eye, or whatever. 

Why you ask?

Because it's real.

I'm in a quest for real in my life.  Too much is photoshopped, enhanced, and digitally drawn that I'm wondering what's real.  What do real women look like?  Especially movie stars.  Is their skin really that perfect?  Can they really gain and lose weight just like that?  I liked this video.  We all have great body features, but we don't see it.  We only see what we are lacking.

You look at those gorgeous photos of people and wonder why you don't look like that.  Now I think most of are good at not comparing ourselves to images of media, but what about those perfect pictures on blogs?
This one really gets me.  Their projects look flawless.    Their dinner parties are seemingly perfect.  Every detail is manicured just like a magazine picture.  You start to feel envious (at least I do).  I think I need to move where they are.  I need dinner parties that look that fun.  I need better, more fashionable, more expensive clothes and accessories.  My dinners need to be fresher, and better, and posed perfectly on camera.

Life only seems as cool as your pictures.

And with sisters and friends like these, it's easy to be envious.

But I'm sticking it to the man.  I'm not going to worry about perfection and others' talents.  No photoshop here.  Just an unproofed snapshot.  No fancy camera and 15 takes until the picture looks perfect.  I'm getting over my envy.  While I love my "perfect" family pictures and I sit and admire the beautiful lives of others, I will get over blog envy, and just enjoy every moment, even if it isn't perfectly captured for a magazine cover. 

Real, right?


Merkley Jiating said...

That video was really interesting. I know all about blog envy. Sheesh, it ruins my day when someone blogs about their perfect life. But I also like seeing people happy. I just hope they are really happy and not fake happy.

shamers said...

thanks for sharing that video. i went to a yw presentation last year called "more precious than rubies" that went through a lot of that stuff and talked about the Lord's beauty ideal and it was wonderful. too bad we can't completely shelter the babies from this stuff.

i'm with you on the fakery on blogs/facebook/what have you, but i also think there's a line between keeping it real and putting too much out there. i have fb friends who post every rough thing in an effort to be "real," but all it really does is make them look sad, mad and sometimes even bitter. and you have to remember that this stuff is forever, the internet is forever, and someday your kids might find it. and some reality is great, but i feel you have to make sure to document the good with the bad, and taking a positive view of a negative experience sometimes changes how it looks on the blog and to the world, and someday to your kids.

that's a really long comment. i should write a blog post. :)
thanks, acw!

Jackijo said...

This was a very though-provoking post for me. It is important to emphasize the importance of what is inside a person over outer beauty which is fleeting.


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