Thursday, September 22, 2011


I never really liked blueberries. Expensive and not particularly delicious. The Elena told me I had never really had blueberries since I'd only tasted the grocery store variety. It's sort of like if you had only ever tasted Sunkist oranges and then ate a fresh, sweet Arizona orange still cold off the tree. It just can't compare.

So we headed out to the blueberry farm and picked our own.

The little trailor where you actually buy the berries

Biology fact of the day: blueberries are one type of true berry. Raspberries and the like are actually clusters of berries since they have multiple seed carrying sections. And strawberries are in a whole different class since the seeds are on the outside.

J was a very good picker

And eater

Would it be bad to take family portraits in Seattle? It's so much prettier, but may be misleading to the lucky card recipients.

Seriously, I can't handle this cuteness

She actually could wear this long sleeve outfit

Don't worry, we didn't give her whole berries that she could choke on. I'm not completely negligent

Our haul


jeanene c said...

So, did you decide that you like them after all?

Lance and Kimberlee said...

You don't give J whole berries to eat? Come on, all the cool parents just let their kids crawl underneath the plants and eat the berries that fell on the ground. No, seriously, Griffin loved it.

Love this post. Blueberry picking is one of my favorite activities ever. Raspberries are not nearly as fun to pick since they are so delicate, and don't even get me started on blackberries.

Jackijo said...

I love blueberres and my mouth was watering just looking at your pictures. Seriously, I could eat the whole box.

Elena said...

Mom, I think we won her over :) I can't get over how cute your baby is!!


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