Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guest Post: Da Husband of Lil' Sis

So I thought it would be fun to do testosterone week and invite a bunch of my masculine family members to post.

Only one ended up participating. Too bad.

 This is my last day in Seattle so we'll be back to regularly scheduled, self-involved posts later this week. So without further ado, my most wonderful and brilliant brother-in-law!

Recently I moved from Sunny Phoenix Arizona to Beautiful Seattle
Washington.  Now I was making this move so that I could start a new
job at Microsoft.  One of the many upsides to this move was knowing
that there would be a lot more people around with similar interests to
myself.  Little did I know how many people there would be with such
similar interests.  It’s like nerd Mecca, now I realize it’s not
Silicon Valley… but that was another one of the draws, it’s not

This all was to be expected, and the move has been great.  There was
however one interesting side effect that I had not expected.  Once we
had gotten settled into our new ward I started wanting to stay longer
after church so I could talk with the guys in the ward.  We have so
much to talk about, we all like and do similar things, lots of us work
for Microsoft while many others work for Amazon.  This chatting took
long enough that my wife was coming to me and asking me if I was ready
to go yet.

Did you catch that?  My wife was asking me if we were ready to go!  It
was awesome!  This is the only place I’ve found where I wanted to
spend longer talking to the people in the ward than my wife did.  This
isn’t to say there’s no one in the ward for my wife to talk to… just
that there’s a high enough concentration of engineers and computer
geeks to make for a good time talking about life in the tech world.

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Zaren678 said...

I noticed that about your ward too. Another reason I should move to Washington.


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