Saturday, September 4, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #62

Gifted classes have a different dynamic.

You can hear such interesting phrases from 13 year old 8th graders like,

"Surely you jest!"

In other junior high fun, the quick eye flick from my boobs back to my face has now been replaced with an eye flick to my belly back to my face. Strange, considering my boobs are rivaling a pornstar's. Thankfully it is waaaaaaaaaaaay weirder to think your teacher's hot when she's a person and a half.


MCS said...

Too bad you're not 3/5ths yet, then we could count you for another Congressional seat.

Angela said...

Oh dude. Wait until your milk comes in.

Yikes. :|

Elena said...

BAHAAAHAAA! That made me laugh disproportionately hard to how funny it actually was. oh well, thanks for the laugh :)


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