Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #25

Keep a small variety of interesting science toys on your desk.

I have a 3d image with the glasses, a gyroscope, and a small newton's cradle. The toys promote a little independent science interest while students are waiting to ask a question or get my attention. However, to touch ANYTHING on my desk, I insist they ask first. This prevents them from touching equipment or chemicals and breaking things.

Who am I kidding, prevents SOME touching and breaking of things. The corn syrup and maple syrup disaster of '08 are a testament of that. My density lesson plans never recovered.

Anyways, today a student phrased his request in quite an interesting way

Image from here

"Can I touch your balls?"

If only teachers could sue the students for the things they say.


Elena said...

Then you would make too much money and people couldn't ignore your opinion as much :)

Lindsey Layton said...

Oh wow! Haha! That's great!


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