Monday, September 20, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #23

Teaching requires the use of coping strategies in order to maintain sanity.

Colleague who would retire if insurance wasn't so expensive:
"G, do you know where Bio Teacher is?"

Me: in a whisper "Um I think he's hiding"

Colleague: "What?"

Me: whispering a little louder "I think he's hiding to avoid someone a certain someone."

Colleague: "What? Just a second, I have cotton in my ears." removes literal cotton from ears

Me: chuckle with a look of perplexity

Colleague: "Sorry, my kids have been driving me nuts today. They're making babies* today and they are so LOUD!"

Me: "Colleague, you have some cotton stuck in your hair."

*It's a common genetics lesson with Punnett Squares. Yes, we still call it making babies even to students. It's called anticipatory set. And yes, some of them are probably making babies the old fashioned way too, but we try not to think about that.


ACW said...

Seriously?! Cotton in your ears. That's hilarious.

Jocelyn said...

Brilliant strategy! I think I'll have to stop by the store tomorrow for some cotton balls.

Merkley Jiating said...

Wow. That is an interesting tactic.

Thanks for your consoling comment! I love Gushers and Fruit Roll Ups! But I like them more when my mom buys them. They are so expensive! Along with everything else... Which was the original point of my post. The circle of life. :)

Merkley Jiating said...

We aren't going anywhere. We just figured it would be a good thing to have passports. I guess we'll probably be going to Canada sometime.

ACW said...

I reread this and I have a UHF moment. "I can't hear you! No literally, I have ear plugs in. I can't hear you." hahahaha


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