Sunday, August 29, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #93

Teaching junior high makes you a pervert.

You have to start looking for double entendres in the most innocent of phrases. It is an occupational necessity so you do not lose your audience by saying something easily misconstrued. Most of the time I keep my little giggles internal so as to maintain a sense of maturity.

I generally consider myself pretty good at catching the phrases that cause intermittent giggles in my students. But last week, I proved my own naivety. A term that has been so incredibly common in science, I never once caught the humorous meaning.

The Big Bang.

Really? I had never caught that before? I was terribly disappointed in myself. In past years it was never a problem. It may be that this year is a slightly rougher crowd, but I blame the new movie I showed that had this quite memorable quote:

"We want to know what banged, why it banged, and will it bang again."


Joseph Quillen said...

lolololol.... yes, i did laugh out loud out loud out loud out loud etc at ever increasing levels of loud, which, in my opinion, is what that phrase represents. te he -Lianna

MCS said...


afton said...

bahahahhahaahha! that quote is too awesome. even in my math class i think about the things i say. they haven't ever laughed or giggled (at least out loud) so maybe 10th graders really are a little more mature than the typical jr. high kid. bah!

Anonymous said...

Like when I told your BYU attending cousin that the field is white and it was time to "thrust in his sickle" oops.


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