Friday, September 10, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #60

Whenever teaching gets rough, remember, there is always three day weekend or some sort of break a few weeks away.

And since a certain appendix messed up our Hawaii plans, we found ourselves with some airfare credit that needs to be used up by next June.

7 months pregnant is easier to travel than a 6 month newborn right?


I'm basing this on the sheer fact that I am in complete control of the little one's volume at the moment. And traveling for leisure can't be any worse than teaching jr high.

Originally I thought to take advantage of fall carribean cruise rates. That was until I found out about the terrible discrimination. Did you know you can't cruise after 24 weeks prego? BAH! It used to be later, but the darn cruise industry changed it. The vacation whose main focus is eating and lounging around is now denied to the woman who's main focus is eating and lounging around. It's an outrage!

(Now before you all get yourselves in a tizzy, remember I'm not an excessive worrier. I find many of the guidelines in the U.S. for pregnant women to be overly cautious. For example, women in Japan have been eating sushi pregnant for centuries and still recommended to by their doctors. Current French recommendation say limit alcohol to one drink a week instead of going completely dry. Half the over the counter medications the books say to avoid, my doctor said were fine. I still follow the "rules" mostly because I don't want to risk the mental torture is something did go wrong. I still think many are silly. So yes, I would "risk" having a baby in Jamaica, but I risk having a car accident and killing us both everyday. Que sera, sera. Just be cautious and reasonable.)

Anyways, plan B. I've always wanted to love New York in the fall. Now I get a chance. So all of you well seasoned travelers, what was your number 1 favorite thing you did in the City? What should I make sure to include in my next adventure?


amber said...

Sounds like fun! I definitely agree with going on vacation before the baby is born.
When are you going? We will be in New York for a few days in oct, it would be really funny if we were there the same time.

Lauren said...

Aaron and I went to Sedona when I was about 7 months pregnant with our first little bundle of joy. It was seriously the best thing we ever did! I love having those memories. Are you going to NYC or church history sites? My recommendation for the city would be TKTS in Time Square. You have to be flexible with what show you see, but they have tickets like 50 - 70% off the regular box office price. If you are going to the city and have any other questions email me and let me know.

Angela said...

You gotta do a session at the temple. At night.

gray's papaya. dallas bbq.

Battery Park and Miss Liberty are always a good time.

The Apollo. Ahhh, to be where Buddy Holly and so many others were. Bring your horn-rims.

ANY museum. The Museum of Natural History was fun to run around in, especially after seeing/reading A Night at the Museum. There's a subway enterance (follow the ants).

I'll ask Mike if he has any other recommendations.

ACW said...

If you want, I'll bust out a photo album and show you all the places I went. Obviously, the MET, Guggenheim, Museum of Natural History, anything on Broadway, Carnegie deli- get a HUGE sandwich and cheesecake, Central Park walk around. I ate at the cafe that Meg Ryan met Tom Hanks in "You Got Mail" but I can't remember the name of it. Have a blast. Every vacation is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The transit museum, no seriously. It is interesting, cheap, and kind of fun in a very geeky sort of way. The temple is cool, but then, the temple is always cool. Coney Island for a Hot Dog is nice. Spend the money for a day, (no more) of the dopey double decker bus tour. Ellis island is neat, if you are a history geek. We did not do lady Liberty. Gotta do the top of the Rockefeller center. If you have a car, you can do the west point tour. I would not recommend a car in the city. Just get a transit pass for the time you stay there. You gotta do a broadway play, even though in retrospect the touring productions at Gammage are as good, if not better. I do wonder how they fit those theaters in the areas they are. Is that a good starting list?

For the pregnant part of you might want to hit the M&M store. It is enough to make you go into a chocolate stupor.
Favorite unk.


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