Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #22

The cowardly response to any bad grade is to blame the teacher.

"It's because the teacher hates me."

B. to the S.

You may not understand what the teacher was wanting (ex. English essay) or the teacher may not have presented the information well. Neither of which is based on a personal vendetta. Now some teachers definitely hate some students. I've never gotten to that degree, mostly because I have rockin' awesome kids. Dislike may influence a few points here and there. But I'm sorry, if you do the math problem correctly or you bubble the right circle, you will not fail no matter how much the teacher hates you.

This excuse is not limited to students.

I was explaining to my A-hour how this is often learned from parents. "I think you just have a personal issue with my son/daughter." Riiiiiiiiiiiigggggght. Because they missed two weeks of work, didn't make up a single assignment, and currently have 1/2 the points, it's because I hate them. Most of the kids totally agreed that this logic is ridiculous. The others started publicly announcing all the teachers who have hated them over the years.

Student with a somewhat adorable lisp, then jovially responds, "My mom thinks you hate me...but she said she doesn't blame you."


jeanene said...

Oh to be able to teach personal responsibility to all of them. How did we learn it?

Katie said...

That student's comment was pretty funny!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh.... I can't believe a kid said that! hahaha I can't wait until I start teaching haha

RatalieNose said...

Not gonna lie....I've used that excuse.


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