Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My dear bloggity friend Natalie tagged me in an inspiration post. When someone appeals to my vanity so well, I just have to oblige.

Here's the gist

1. One photo that makes you cringe (or two in my case)

Waiting for the bus in DC I was freezing and wore my "decorative" hood, i.e. absolutely worthless for warmth. I thought I look like the painting the Scream. The photo doesn't reflect that. Just the perpetual bags under my eyes. The donuts are actually a picture from my kitchen. I made two giant batches to give to the neighbors for Christmas. It will not be repeated.
2. Two pictures you could stare at all day.

I just love how these picture turned out.

3. A pic that shows your dreams or aspirations.

I dream of scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. (Or going back to this awesome beach in Greece.)
4. Four Bloggers and how they inspire you. Technically you are supposed to do the tag. But you don't have to.


My sister is awesome. She teaches junior high English and drama and rocks at both. Plus she has a gorgeous kid. She taught me how to go on adventures. One summer she decided to move to Alaska. No job, no one she knew. Made plans but when they fell through she decided to go anyways. She is an awesome hiker and did a 26 miler in one day. She is a gardening pro by pure instinct. She always had better muscles than me without even trying. She did yoga before it was cool. She never lets anything get in the way of her dreams.


Camille is my blogging hero. She does these awesome posts that are long and funny and have pictures and are highly entertaining. She doesn't put a pretty face on things, just tells it how it is. She even posted the waxing of her arm pits for all internetdom. Awesome. She hasn't frozen even though she lives in Canada. She blogs regularly. She lived in France. She studied art history just because she loves it.


Angela had a baby with trisomy 18, carried her knowing and blogged about it. She has all the right perspectives. She is a geneology guru. She has gorgeous scrapbooking taste and layouts. She actually has food storage and plans meals before she cooks them. She's so strong spiritually and intellectually. And her commenting prize is almost finished.

Madre Dos!

First, awesome mother-in-law. Made me feel part of the family since day one. She takes amazing pictures. Without getting annoyed at me wanting to see all the shots and try them different ways. At least without showing annoyance :) She cleans her house like crazy before I come over so that the cat doesn't make my allergies act up. Plus, she stocks the guest room nightstand with all the allergy medication I could possibly want. She goes to Shakespeare plays regularly and invites us. She volunteers at the Desert Botanical Gardens. She can tell you the names of all kinds of birds. She is environmentally conscience and buys grass fed meat. She hikes regularly. She raised amazing kids. She gave me her old piano. She's artistic but doesn't think she is. She reads nonfiction. I love her sooooo much!

And I would have more

Shane- because she's so cool and I kinda want to be her. Transracial adopter, former FBI agent, amazing baker and chef, and awesome sense of humor.
Natalie-because she is so put together. I wish I was that put together and I'm a big kid.
Jami- because she is down to earth and real and lets her kid just be a kid regardless of what people might think. And she gets to make the daily specials at a cafe/yoga studio. And she doesn't hate me even though I was a brat in high school.
Lindsay-because she is my artistic hero. I want one of the argyle sock monkeys that she makes but I feel silly wanting a stuff animal. Plus she draws, paints, decorates, sews, ....

And I think I could write down the name of everyone on my blog list. If I didn't admire you in some way, I wouldn't read your blog. And that's just bloggers.


ACW said...

I love you so much! Thank you for publishing a little something to make me feel good. :)

Angela said...

Aw, shucks. :')

...I'm pretty sure that first picture is going to be my desktop for the remainder of the year...

I am super excited about the prize, but remember to pace yourself. No hurry. : )

RatalieNose said...

Those pictures are SOO CUTE! You are SUCH a babe!!! I love your outfits! The two cardigans with the same shirt = GENIUS! The yellow one is TO.DIE.FOR.

And I don't really get what you mean but thank you!


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