Saturday, December 12, 2009

How I became one of "those" people

I'm one of them now.

You know, one of those nut jobs who pays money to participate in ridiculously long bouts of physical exertion.

A triathlete

Before you start acting impressed or anything, it was only a sprint tri. However, 400m of swimming, 20km of biking, followed by a 5k run in DECEMBER does earn you a very solid "You're crazy." (I know Phoenix in December, not that cold. But in this getup, sopping wet, is cold anywhere.)

It's all Julie's fault. She started swimming with me while she was training for hers and gave me my first taste of triathlete crack. I found that the training totally suited my exercise ADD. Oh you don't feel like swimming today? Awesome, go for a run. Running in a rut? Do a spin class. Want to bail on your workout? NO WAY MISSY! UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET YOUR BUTT HANDED TO YOU IN THE RACE YOU WILL BE WORKING OUT TODAY!!!!(note feet not touching the ground :) )

Excellent motivation.

And now since I've invested in the gear and a shiny new road bike, AND because I don't want to lose the level of fitness I have, I have to start training for a full olympic distance. I totally get how people end up in ironman competitions. You just need to have something to keep training for until it gets out of control.

But for now I'm thoroughly enjoying my week off.

Special thanks to John, Julie, and Madre dos for the cheerleading. (She takes some awesome pictures doesn't she?)

*For all those who care, it took me 1 hour and 33 minutes. My chain fell off twice so my bike time was bleh, but my run was faster than all my training. I came in 65 out of 115 and 6th in my age group. But really who the heck cares? I'm way more into finishing than any competition.


Jocelyn said...

You're awesome!!! Training is so addictive. As an aside, I need to move somewhere that I can train all year round. This DC winter is really impacting my desire to ride my bicycle. Enjoy the AZ winter.

Lindsey Layton said...

Wow! i am 100% impressed!

Katie said...

Good for you! I am amazed by you!

Julianne said...

You should get John to do one too. Tell him I did it when I was busy with school, so he can do it too. Plus I had a fever of 103.9 the night before. Granted I got last place, but it was still a good experience. I was the skinniest I've ever been 1 week after that triathlon, but that might be partly because of my illness.

Oh and great job! It sounds like you did rather well.

RatalieNose said...

Holy cow!
You. are. a. rock. star.
And you look freaking hot!!!
And those pictures are fabulous!!
Good work friend!!!!

lindser-lou said...

*this is me bowing down to you in worship*

holy crap you are awesome geneva! way to go! seriously, this is quite an accomplishment!

shamers said...

you are very awesome and i will never do that. :)

Lena said...

You know that is only kinda true about you just wanting to finish, next time you'll want to do better than everyone else. I know you too well sister. And those are some waaaaay cool pictures, send my compliments to the photographer. I'm super proud of you sis!

autumn said...

way cool. i'd take a half-marathon (heck, even a full) over a tri any day. but maybe if i knew how to swim that would make a difference.


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