Monday, December 21, 2009

Science Teacher Rule #14

Despite your efforts to avoid all students in your real life, they will inadvertently find their way in.

For instance, when you are killing time on facebook and perusing newly updated photographs, you may stop breathing in shock to see the family portrait of one of your students.

"Whoa, is that Timmy? No freakin' way. I can't get away from them! What are the odds that Molly's dabbling in photography would include her bff Jen's family christmas card. Jen who is the big sister to Timmy. Who is that next to Timmy?

Oh. My. Gosh. You've got to be kidding me.

Timmy Smith. Smith. As in Bobby Smith. Bobby Smith that I had four out of six classes with freshman year. Bobby Smith who had a melt down in Spanish II and tipped over the desks when he got angry. Bobby that went to fight Joey outside the bandroom after school but both got stage fright when everyone showed up to watch. Bobby Smith.

Timmy Smith's big brother."


And I can't even mention it to Timmy because Timmy could very easily gain access to some incriminating yearbook pictures of how dorky Mrs. Anderson looked when she was 14 (why oh why didn't they print the retake photo instead of the one with the poorly straightened perm?) Then they would have proof that I'm not 43 like I say I am.

I have to get out of Mesa.


RatalieNose said...

(insert singing voice) Mesas a small town afterall. Mesas a small town afterall. Mesas a small town afterall, just a small small town!

shamers said...

you do need to get out of mesa. even if it's only to gilbert. :)


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