Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why it is useless to talk to me before 11am

John: Where do birds live?

Me: In trees. In nests.

John: No the Birds

Me: (stupid look)

John: (returns stupid look)

Me: (upon remembering our friends in Flagstaff with the last name Bird) Ooooooooh. Flagstaff

John: (returns stupid look with slight face of confusion) Kadee

Me: Ooooooooh THOSE Birds. The family who's kids I'm babysitting in ten minutes. Right.

This is why I don't teach an A-hour.


Angela said...

Here here!
Hope hubby gets the memo. ;)

RatalieNose said...

Bahaha!!! This is awesome! I'm totally the same way!

ACW said...

So I totally forgot to update the new address to the blog and have missed all these gems! And this is exactly how I am. I hate mornings. Thank you Christmas break for the time to sleep in!


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