Saturday, January 2, 2010


The whole journaling thing and I are definitely not BFF's. We're more like old friends from high school that you love when you see, but you only get together four or five times a year. Afterward you say, "This is so much fun! We should do it more often!" but really, you're kidding yourself. It's going to be five times a year if you are lucky. That's me and journaling.

Some people make their blogs their journal. Mine is not. But it kinda is. Following the analogy, my blog would be the equivalent of facebooking. Not as good as getting together, but still sorta involved. So my new years resolutions are not making it in the journal, but on the blog. Because we all know it is not a goal unless you write it down. Right beehives? I think I taught that a few weeks ago. And like Alicia said, teachers have to make our goals measurable.

In 2010 I want to (in no particular order. Don't want you all to think my priorities are mixed up)

1)Visit a new country
2) Do an olympic distance triathlon (I think. today's bike ride was a little rough. Maybe I don't want to)
3) Go to the temple 12 times or more
4) Get the new Castillo names temple ready, write down the story, e-mail it to everyone and invite them to a temple day
5) Hike Flatiron
6)Landscape my backyard so golfers will stop bringing canned dog food to the fence. MY HOUSE IS NOT ABANDONED!!
7) Try not to live for the weekend
8) Finish the last two dad gum string balls for the entry way
9) Reupholster the ugly awesome green couch with new slightly ugly awesome fabric ($3/yd!)
10) Plan Beehive lessons a week in advance
11) Master the flip turn
12) Be on time for church at least three sundays a month
13) Invite more people to dinner
14) Not cut my hair short
15) Be a 100% visiting teacher

We'll see how it goes. I think I might need to start a sticker chart.


Angela said...

You are far braver than I!
You should see the list I have that I didn't post on the blog.

Way to put it all out there!
Kudos. :)

jeanene said...

You forgot the ''gym with Mom' once a week'. Oh wait That may be Mom's goal. Either way, good list. Any way I can support you, let me know.

ACW said...

Ooh I like gym with mom once a week! Count me in for sure. (Plus I have a hundo for you) and no more beauty school haircuts, I promise. :) It's going to be a good year!

Jackijo said...

How about inviting us to meet you at the temple then over to dinner - two goals at once!

amattiee said...

i'm definitely with you on getting to church on time! now that wemeet at 2:30, this shouldn't be a problem, right? lol.

shamers said...

we're totally up for temple day! and can you add on there become a certified indian?

RatalieNose said...

I LOVE flipturns!!
They will change your life!!
(Well your swimming-triathalon life at least.)


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