Monday, December 14, 2009

Slowly making changes

Well I've made the move. is officially private. Hazardousundertakings is almost ready. I spent the twenty minutes moving all my links ONLY TO HAVE THEM ALL DELETE ON ME!

I'm still bitter.

However, I did get all my links moved over successfully the second time. Is your blog missing from my link list? Don't be shy! Comment me the address and I'd love to read your blog. I'm a pretty faithful commenter as well so don't feel stupid, just tell me about your blog.

As part of the move I reread my profile. I laughed when I saw that I still had the dentist up there. I really do love the dentist. I got to go again on Friday and it was fabulous. These are exact quotes:

Dentist: "Everyone should have teeth like this. You should be our model."

Cute scandanavian dental assistant: "You haf such nice teef. You haf teef like a moofee star. You don't efen have to see the hygienist. Your teef are so clean."

Awesome. Who wouldn't love the dentist? I don't even mind fillings because I love having my mouth all numb and droopy.

I guess there are other circumstances. My friend Emily was slapped by the dentist when she was five and has hated it ever since. And even at 32 years old, her mom still doesn't believe her.

Anyways, lurkers, tell me your blog!


Katie said...

shamers said...

tell me your dentist! we need one here. and does he do kids?

RatalieNose said...

Dude. I LOATHE the dentist!!!
Mine make me cry!!!

Rachel@MyPinkFlipFlops said...

I'm a longtime lurker, but we went to high school together so that's not totally creepy right?

come one over, if you care to do so!



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