Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vday recap 2014

Since Husband and I switch off Valentine's day, the blog is the only way we remember whose turn it is each year. This time Husband was in charge and he bought me my very first Kitchen Aid! I've gone my 8 years of married life not needing anything but my hand mixer and a wooden spoon. Then I randomly picked up a library book on french pastry making and have decided to pretend I'm a pastry chef. That means I need a bunch of kitchen gadgets. Thankfully I have a husband who can appreciate gadgets of all genres. And a husband who gets sucked into America's Test Kitchen episodes just as badly as I do. After they tackled stand mixers, we simply had no choice but to get the one they recommended. I mean, their testing process was just so sound and their rhetoric excellent.

Just look what a pretty flower pattern it makes.

I made some cream puffs and J helped me with the egg wash. She was very proud that she "made a bridge"

I found a fun valentine on the internet and made a bunch for my galentines. You open a pull tabe can from the bottom, wash it, and fill it with goodies, then hot glue the bottom back on. As seen via Oh Happy Day's birthday in a can 

The sharpie hearts on the top might have been to hide some expiration dates...

M was so completely entranced by the Silhouette. This boy never sits still. Ever. Even when he is drinking a bottle before bed he is kicking his leg constantly. This little moving musical robot was fascinating to him though, enough for me to be amazed, sneak my phone out, take a few photos before realizing I should be on video mode, and start a video, all with him being completely still on my lap.

We also stamped some wrapping paper using toilet paper tubes and rubber bands. Thanks pinterest! 

And we did a little hand print art, with copies for the grandparents, to round out our valentine's crafts.


jeanene c said...

I love the one you sent me, and today I was comparing the hand and foot prints from a year ago. The ladies from the branch were so impressed. I am afraid these will have to come home with me.

jeanene c said...

PS Congratulations on joining with us kitchen aid owners . I miss mine.


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