Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fox Party

What is a fox party you ask? It is a fox themed playdate with my cake-baking friend Marilyn. I saw this cake idea and sent it to her. One of her goals for the year was to bake a cake a week and she did an amazing job!

We made fox masks.

 We were also going to watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but the girls were having so much fun playing outside that it seems silly to call them indoors to watch a movie. We didn't even get to a What Does the Fox Say dance party. It was so delightful to have them all come over!


Marilyn said...

You beat me to it! :) time to catch up with my cake posts . . . We had such a great time! Let's do it again soon!

jeanene c said...

That is a bunch of foxy ladies there! I am afraid I find the 'what does the fox say' thing rather silly. Foxes bark. It's in all the books. You have elevated it to fun though. I will come to the next party next year.


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