Monday, February 17, 2014

Fiber One makes a meal bar and they gave me a few boxes free

My latest campaign from Bzzagent is Fiber One bars. They are not as delicious as I would expect. A disappointment from the producer of the delicious granola bar that punishes you for overindulging. I mean, they have a warning on the box and all that eating more than 2 a day can give you "abdominal discomfort." These new bars provide no such temptation.

The meal replacement bars have a very protein-y aftertaste. Given, I am sensitive to the protein taste in everything from power bars to protein shakes.  The Fiber One meal bar tastes a lot like the Nature Valley Protein bar, which I also find somewhat gross in comparison to the Sweet and Salty or crunchy deliciousness. Fiber One is bigger and more hearty though. Lil' Sis thinks the Nature Valley protein bars are fantastic so I fully acknowledge that this may just be me. The chocolate peanut butter is edible, but the strawberry even made my toddler spit it out.  Has anyone else tried these before? 


Marilyn said...

I have to agree with you. While they are edible, the protein taste is a little strong. I also find I'm missing the extra sweetener since these ones were low-carb or something. Thanks for letting me give them a try!

jeanene c said...

I guess I won't have you send my any. I love how you write.


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