Friday, February 28, 2014

Children's Museum of Phoenix

We managed to score free tickets to the children's museum, twice in one month. M enjoyed it way more than I expected. Each room had a perfect little area just for babies and he had a blast. The second visit, we brought Ava along too.
The light table with magnatiles is really fun.
Claustrophobia-inducing noodle forest

Some true genius put knobs all over the baby area fencing. Needless to say this blow out pooper with thrilled.

I love how they get to paint on a giant structure. It's a different shape each month.

Shopping is her favorite
He just loved playing with that handsome baby in the mirror


Elena said...

I bought J that pear shirt!

jeanene c said...

Such fun times. Cant wait to join you! I'm excited that Aunt lena gets to come!

Erin said...

We LOVE the children's museum! We could play all day in each room. I love that each one has a baby zone too!


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