Friday, February 21, 2014

New Teeth

Someone had been a snot nosed mess for weeks. Here was one particularly excellent sneeze.

But now he has really enjoyed eating more exciting foods.

What he truly enjoys is playing with the food, particularly the bouncing habits of peas.


Katie said...

That first one is a wonderfully gross picture:)

Mom said...

This is Aunt B and I just have to ask...when did he get SO big? How fun is it to bounce peas...who would have thought?

PS. Your Valentines were adorable!

jeanene c said...

A truly epic snot photo. I'm impressed he let it stay long enough for you to get the shot! Every one of these photos are so adorable, I just want to snuggle those sweet cheeks. The video was darling plus I am impressed at his reach. Wow. I am afraid I never thought of bouncing peas even though it is obvious. Sooo Adorable.

Elena said...

I come and look at these pictures when I'm kinda sad because they bring joy to my heart. Thanks for posting them.


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