Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trimming the Tree

I wasn't even going to decorate for Christmas since we were only going to enjoy them for 2 weeks, but J became obsessed with Christmas trees in November when the stores started putting them on display. SO I caved and put up the stuff.

It was worth it as soon as she opened the boxes.

"A Christmas house!"

Said with one under each arm "I love these!"

"These are my blocks." (A nativity scene that has doubled as building blocks and dolls depending on the moment)

"These are my Christmas boots."

She was great at putting up ornaments. She even directed me to decorate all sides of the tree, even the back :)

She happily rearranged them for days. Mercifully, M didn't impale himself on any of the dropped hooks.

He was fairly entranced as well. It even distracted him from his enjoyment of the broken lamp.

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Katie said...

I LOVE the magic of Christmas through kids' eyes!


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