Friday, December 6, 2013

Teddy Grahams

The other day I went down the cracker aisle for the first time in months. I had J pick out a box of Teddy Grahams at the grocery store since there are 6(!) flavors these days and they sounded good. Somehow the shape or the coating or something just makes them taste better. She was excited since we hadn't had them in a really long time. She put them in the cart and asked if she could have them in her yellow cup. I said sure and didn't really think about it.

Then we get home and I pour them in a bowl. She is upset and insists they go in a yellow cup. I look in our cup cupboard and can't find any yellow cups, but she is again insistent. I ask her to show me and she directs me to the tupperware cupboard and a light bulb hits.

This yellow cup was from our trip to Seattle last October, an impulse by to make the airplane ride more enjoyable. It has not been used since, but I'm a pack rat and didn't want to throw it away so I put it on the very top shelf with the unusual shape, recycled containers. And my 2 year old impressively remembered it, where it was, and what it is supposed to hold. 

She blows my mind.

1 comment:

jeanene c said...

That freakish memory that some family members have seems to be surfacing again. Beware! I have to say that I am not surprised!


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